For Finserv Markets, a one of its kind marketplace for multiple financial products and services.

Sterlite Power

For implementing a semi-autonomous robot Skyrob, that is used in high risk power line operations.

Amazon India

For using alexa as a workplace assistant thus leveraging the technology as a key driver of the modern-day employee experience.

Tech Mahindra

For implementing K2, a facial recognition-based humanoid that enables multiple HR functions currently.


For its patented contact-free AI enabled health monitor that tracks a person’s important clinical parameters with 98.4% medical-grade accuracy.


For Hyper-personalisation of creatives in HDFC Bank Easy EMI branding campaign using Dynamic Creative Optimisation.

The Phi Factory

Development of a sustainable packing technology “GFP” to reduce wood fibre requirements in production of Kraft paper (used in carton boxes).

RPG Group

For Zensar’s OmniCon, a conversational bot with an algorithm that maintains the context and tracks customer conversations across multiple channels.


For their new offering that leverages AI and makes end-to-end distribution of rates and inventory simpler and for combining image recognition and machine learning to do competitive benchmarking and increase revenues.